Enhancement Herbs for Natural Beauty


So many women look for ways to enhance or enlarge their breasts without the pain and damage that plastic surgery can cause. Although at times it may seem that detrimental surgery is the only effective method, this isn’t the case – you can use home remedies featuring nothing more than natural herbs and healthy ingredients to get enhanced results. Before you consider more drastic methods, turn to the herbs in your garden for natural, beautiful breast enhancement. Try these herbs, all of which are commonly used for breast tissue.

Saw Palmetto

An herb commonly used to heal and soothe urinary tract infections, saw palmetto is even more effective when used to enhance the breasts. It’s a hormonal herb, one that helps to regulate and control different hormones – and it is said to present noticeable enhancement with regular use.

Dona Quai

This herb is a powerful one for estrogen: when taken, Dona Quai increases estrogen in the body and, as a result, increase breast tissue. Use the roots of Dona Quai, or even an extract of the herb, to stimulate your body’s estrogen production. It can be a tricky herb to find, as it is most commonly used in Thailand.

Blessed Thistle

Different than the average thistle plant, blessed thistle works primarily in the breasts in two ways – it enlarges the breasts and stimulates milk production in mothers who are currently nursing. Blessed thistle helps to improve circulation within the entire body, but it particularly gets the blood flowing in the breast tissue.

Dandelion Root

Use dandelion root, not dandelions themselves, to increase your body’s production of breast cells. Dandelion root also improves the health of the breast tissue in its entirety, and works quickly. It’s said to come with no harmful side effects, and keeps your breasts in top condition while enhancing them.

Fennel Seeds

Like Dona Quai, fennel seeds help enhance the breasts by stimulating the production of estrogen in the body. High in helpful flavonoids, which are traditionally used to increase estrogen, fennel seeds stimulate the formation of new cells and new tissue as well. It’s all of that new development that makes it an excellent choice for enhancement.