The Best Drought-Tolerant Flowering Plants


If you live in a drought-prone area, the amount of water you use throughout each day is constantly weighing on your mind. Did you take a short enough water to save gallons of this precious resource? Did you remember to shut off your sprinklers to avoid wasting water? When a drought strikes, it’s crucial to save every last drop of water possible – and as a result, our gardens often have to suffer. It’s difficult to spare water on keeping your plants flowering and beautiful when water is slim and scarce. However, with the right plants in your garden, droughts don’t have to mean the end of beautiful planters. Try these drought-tolerant “flowers” to keep your garden looking great regardless of a drought.

Sedum Spurium “Voodoo”

This drought-friendly succulent plant grows small, round burgundy leaves that resemble blooms as they cover your garden’s ground. Originally native in the Caucasus Mountains, the “Voodoo” plant brings flowers during the hot summer months, dotting its dark leaves with tiny red flowers – and it thrives in hot, dry temperatures.


Yarrow is a true survivor of a plant – its favorite climates are exceptionally hot and dry, helping it thrive in drought environments. It is one of the strongest and toughest out there. Yet it also grows beautiful flowers when planted; with blooming petals in yellow, orange, white, and even pink and red, yarrow is a gorgeous drought garden perennial. As an added bonus, garden pests like deer, rabbits, and even insects can’t stand yarrow, so it’ll prevent these guys from invading your garden.

Blanket Flower

Although odd in its name, the Blanket Flower plant is one tough member of drought-tolerant gardens. It blooms throughout the summer and fall months, accepting of both hot and cooler temperatures. When the blossoms appear on this plant, they explode in both color and size: the Blanket Flower dons petals in bright, stunning red and eye-catching yellow.

Lewisia Cotyledon “Sunset Strain”

If you’re looking to bring impressive blooms into your drought-safe garden, the “Sunset Strain” is the perfect plant. Its leaves are green and reminiscent of traditional leafy foliage, and this plant grows up to a foot in height. Place it in a dry, dusty rock garden, and this colorful blooming plant will certainly stand out.