5 Edible Flowers


Most people don’t know it, but there are actually quite a few flowers out there that we can eat and that have benefits to us. This being said, don’t just go outside and start eating flowers! There are also plenty out there that will make us feel sick or even do damage to us. So many sure you know what you are eating before you even try a little flower. And as always, when in doubt (even a little doubt), don’t eat it! But here are 5 flowers that you can eat.


Its actual botanical name is Angelica Archangelica but usually goes by Angelica. This is a rather tasty flower and tastes like celery. So if you like celery you should like this flower. It is a very similar taste that I think that if you did a blind test, you almost wouldn’t know the difference besides the texture.

Bee Balm

Bee balm can be used as a tea and tastes great. It is actually quite similar to earl grey tea. Bee balm is also known as bergamot. If you like earl grey tea, try to get your hands on some bee balm.


This is one of those hate it or love it flowers. It is a very strong taste and is actually one of the main ingredients in salsa.


The buds of this flower can be pickled. People often use these pickled buds like capers. The taste is of a sweet peppery flavor.

Tuberous Begonia

When is comes to Tuberous Begonia, only hybrid versions of the flower are edible. This is one you need to be careful with. Make sure you don’t eat this plant if you are ill or if you are suffering from stout or kidney stones. It should also only be ingested very much in moderation, but it does taste nice.

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