Top 3 Botanical Gardens Around The World

Botanical Gardens

If you have visited a few Botanical Gardens in your time, you will appreciate this post. If you have never been to a Botanical Garden, make sure you get out and go to one! They are amazing and very beautiful. Each Botanical Garden is quite different so it’s not a case of I have been to one so I don’t need to see another. They also get you to go outside and go for a walk, and I think that most of us could afford to lose weight at least a little. We have been to many Botanical Gardens around the world and really appreciate what each has to offer. See below for our top 3 Botanical Gardens around the world. We haven’t been to all of these but would one day love to. Enjoy and support your local Botanical Gardens.

#1 Jardim Botanico, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

We start our journey in Brazil. Brazil is a beautiful place with many gardens. The Jardim Botanico in particular, is spectacular. This Botanical Garden was founded in 1808 and was opened to the public back in 1822. The Jardim Botanico is home to approximately 6,500 species and is located at the bottom of Corcovado Mountain in a 140 hectare area. A must see.

#2 Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, New York, USA

Usually when people hear New York and gardens, they think of Central Park. But this is not the case, Brooklyn offers amazing Botanical Gardens. They are quite large too, coming in at approximately 52 acres. This garden was founded in 1910 and today attracts around 900,000 each year! Despite the crowds, it is an amazing place to visit.

#3 Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, England

This massive 300 acre Botanical Garden is also spectacular. The garden actually hosts the world’s largest collection of plants which is very impressive. The Royal Botanical Gardens offer a tree top walk and a train to explore these world heritage gardens. And finally, this massive park is the home of the famous Davies Alpine House which is an ecofriendly building that houses the cooler weather plants.

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